2 node network, Win95 and RedHat 5.2, telnet problems.

2 node network, Win95 and RedHat 5.2, telnet problems.

Post by Bob Bryl » Sun, 21 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Used to be 2 Win95 PCs on a two node network, converted one to Linux, RH5.2. Addresses: (Linux), (Win95). "ping" works FINE both directions. But "telnet" from
Win95 to Linux times out. "ftp" says connection refused. Running X Server on Win95 PC, can't
initiate connections with rsh or rexec, get message "Connection Refused". However, if I go to
the Linux PC, do a "setenv DISPLAY" then run "xterm", it pops up just fine on
the Win95 PC.

What do I need for masks, routes, etc. on each node? Is there some kind of permission I'm not
setting right on some Linux daemon (telnetd?) to allow connections?

Bob Bryla


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