Problem with netgear print server on wrong side of Linux router

Problem with netgear print server on wrong side of Linux router

Post by Robert Pfiste » Sat, 22 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I've got a Netgear PS110 print server (address of  on one
network segment ( which works just fine. When I try to access
this from another segment ( via the Netgear print server
software, this print server isn't visible. Pinging the IP address works
fine, and the same machine moved to the .0 segment works fine. (The client
machine is a win-nt laptop)

I'm using a stock RedHat 5.2 machine with 2 ethernet cards, and IP
forwarding turned on as the router between the segments, and I have no other
routing problems between the segments.

The problem seems to be that the Netgear software uses something weird that
won't go through the Linux router (as it is configured), or it could be that
the Netgear server must be on the same segment (seems unlikely as the
configuration includes a default gateway).

The documentation doesn't give me enough hints to proceed. Does anyone have
any ideas?




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I have the following network problem:  with NETOPIA ROUTER -->
Internet Internet <-- NETOPIA ROUTER subnet

multiple locations, not just the Everything works great.

Recently I have been experimenting with OPENVPN on the IPCOP distro as
a way to let certain people work from home.

The OPENVPN box is with it's own external IP for my
external test users. My problem is that OPENVPN doesn't seem to give
enough control over settings. It would be really great if I could tell
it to use,4,5,6,7 as it's address pool for external clients
sort of like mask However, the clients then literally
get visibility to that little subnet and nothing else.

Alternately, if I use a completely different subnet like for OpenVPN they get visibility to as
well as

However, I am at a loss of how to get my two netopia routers to then
route traffic (the OpenVPN's virtual subnet) to
which would the the IPCOP's real physical IP address so that the remote
users from 10.0.10.X can get to 172.21.2.X.


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