Shorewall DMZ question

Shorewall DMZ question

Post by deje1 » Mon, 10 Mar 2003 08:30:16

I am running shorewall latest version (1.3xx) on an rh8 router/fw with
2 zones--dmz and local, I have it set up as specified by the howtos at, but it says I would still have to use DNAT to get
(otherwise dropped) packets moved to a DMZ host. My qn is I was given
to understand that a dmz naturally receives all packets (unfiltered)
and that this is the purpose of the demilitarized zone but if I still
need to do DNAT, then what is the purpose of a dmz running on a
separate interface? I mean I could create a zone 'joe' and have DNAT
route packets to hosts there, rite? Am I missing the point (that dmz
should be user-maintained) or is there some other thing that a fw does
to packets headed for a dmz?

thanks, I know Im dumb... =)


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