conf.modules and alias not seen - making a 2 disk linux.

conf.modules and alias not seen - making a 2 disk linux.

Post by Josep » Tue, 14 Aug 2001 09:39:49

I've been slowly following the bootdisk howto and ffinally  got a
bootable floppy. Then I decided to get networking running, and put in
the nss libs and the conf file. Now I can start ping to
So far so good.

Problems cropped up when I tried to bring up the eth0 interface.

I copied out the working conf.modules from my hard disk to rule out
typing mistakes.

"ifconfig eth0 up" ends in module not found errors.

modprobe eth0 causes the same.

the modules.dep file contains only a line for ne.o ( the 839*.0 that
it needs is compiled into the kernel.

Usually the alias in conf.modules is used. why is it not being used
in this boot floppy case?



1. modules.conf eth? alias assignments not working


I've got "Debian 3.0r2 stable" with a 2.4.18 kernel on an Intel PC
with 4 lan cards. While I can get the cards to work in this
environment, I cannot successfully control the assignment of "eth"
names to the cards at boot time. Any suggestions ?

The 4 cards are :

  1 "lance" ISA card.
  1 "8139too" PCI card.
  2 "pcnet32" PCI cards.

The lan drivers are built into the kernel as modules.
/etc/modules.conf includes these lines :

  alias eth0 lance
  options lance io=0x300
  alias eth1 8139too
  alias eth2 pcnet32
  alias eth3 pcnet32

But after a boot the follow unexpected eth assignments are setup:

  8139too card is eth0
  pcnet32 cards are eth1 and eth2
  lance driver is not loaded and eth3 doesn't exist

Once booted a "modprobe lance" loads the lance driver with no problems
and assigns the lance card to eth3. The "alias" statements within the
modules.conf do not seem to have any effect.

What do I have to do to ensure the eth assignments are per my
modules.conf file ?


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