Trouble with Tlan driver for Compaq Netflex Ethernet

Trouble with Tlan driver for Compaq Netflex Ethernet

Post by Eric Fr » Tue, 02 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I have an Armada 7330T and a docking stating that includes a Netflex
ethernet controller. I have downloaded the driver (tlan.43) from the
caldera website and installed it both in the kernel and as a module. It
seems that the first time the driver finds the ethernet controller it
doesn not completely initialize it or something like that. Here is what
happens. With the driver installed as a module, if I do a insmod tlan,
the module is loaded and there is a message in the log file saying something
about maybe needing to set busmastering in cmos (if this is an option
available to me in my bios, I can't see how to set it). If i then try to
configure the network (e.g. turn it on using the usernet control panel
in RH 5.0), I get a message saying initilization delayed and the inferface
does not come up. So, I then do a rmmod to unload the module and an insmod tlan
to load it again. If i look at /var/log/messages, I get a different
message from the driver reporting the interrupt number. I am then able
to bring the interface up using usernet and everything works fine.
I have also tried installing the driver in the kernel. When the system boots
I get the same message in /var/log/messages that I get when I load the
module the first time, and I see not report of the interrupt number.
However, If i then load the tlan module, it reports the interrupt in the
log file and networking will work o.k. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Eric C. Frey
Assistant Professor      
Department of Biomedical Engineering and Department of Radiology
The University of North Carolina


1. Compaq NetFlex 3/P TLAN Ethernet - Giving Autonegotiation More Time

I am resurrecting a 3 year old Compaq DeskPro 4000 as a Linux
workstation on my home network.  One problem I have been having is that
I get repeated "TLAN: Giving Autonegotiation More Time" messages on boot
and, (naturally) so long as the messages persist, my Ethernet does not
function.  Autonegotiation apparently involves the computer seeking to
set some of the card's parameters on the fly.  The computer has a Compaq
NetFlex 3/P Ethernet card, which uses the tlan driver (as do Compaq
Netelligent cards).  My set up is two computers linked, without a hub,
via an RJ-45 crossover cable.  Oddly, once I got this message for 8
minutes before autonegotiation was successful -- and once
autonegotiation was complete, the Ethernet between my two computers
worked fine (each can pull up html pages served by Apache on the other).
I almost think my problem is mechanical (perhaps a loose cable or a bent
jack, given the computer was old and used), but in the 8 minute case, I
did not fiddle with the computer or cable in the period of time it fixed
itself.   The TLAN cards and drivers seem to have this problem with some
frequency -- there are a number of Usenet postings on the subject.  The
responses I managed to find, however, did not seem to come up with any
clear-cut answers.  I was wondering whether anyone could provide me with
more information about the cause of the problem and suggested fixes.
Thanks in advance.

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