Win NT & Linux on a network

Win NT & Linux on a network

Post by Iqba » Sun, 02 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have a network of Win NT 4.0 workstations and an NT server.  I cleaned out
the disk on one of the NT workstations and loaded RedHat Linux 5.0 on that

I kept the existing IP address.
The NT workstations ping all right from Linux, but I can not see the Linux box
in Win NT network neighborhood. When I run Win NT telent, it sits for about
5-minutes before giving me logon prompt. After a couple of keystrokes, the
screen freezes again for another couple of minutes.

Any idea, what is going on.....


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Dear People,

My parents are in the process of buying a computer in Bombay. I told
them they should use Linux, but the chap we are getting the computer
from (built according to specifications) suggests that we should
perhaps have a Microsoft partition as well. I agreed with him, for the
reason that my parents might at some point wish to run software not
available for Linux. The question is which.

He (the chap) suggested Win 98, saying (I quote) "I still feel win98
better because the software support for Graphics and antivirus is
available latest , and more upto date. Otherwise we can go for Windows
2000 Professional for the Password Security reasons"

However, I have Win 95 on my computer, though I never use it and run
SuSE 6.2 instead. Win 95 regarded as an operating system is a joke (no
user accounts, no security, no multitasking, and those are only the
obvious deficiencies I am aware of), and I am concerned that Win 98
may not be much better (though I have never used Win 98). I have NT on
my home office, and I know that at least NT has user accounts and some
rudimentary security. And I believe that Win 2000 is an extension of
NT so hopefully will be less awful than Win 95/98.

The computer chap suggested Win 2000 as an alterative to Win 98 (see
above). This seems to make sense. However, I am also concerned about
how difficult it would be to dualboot Win 2000 and Linux. One of my
books (Kofler's Linux: Installation, Configuration, Use) goes into
some detail about setting up Linux to dualboot with NT, by getting the
Windows NT boot manager to start Lilo. Can Win 2000 be set up in
similar fashion?

So, I have two questions.

1) If you have a choice between Win 98, NT, Win 2000, which would you
   pick and why? Please don't say none. :-)

2) I assume it is possible to set up Win 2000 and Linux to
   dualboot. So, there must be info on the net for this. Could you
a) point me to it?
b) tell me how difficult you found the setting up?

much appreciated.

                      Sincerely, Faheem Mitha.

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