Unknown problem

Unknown problem

Post by Amiroo » Tue, 12 Mar 2002 13:17:52


I've got an unknown problem. I've RedHat 7.2 box using as a file server. It
work behind a router. Recently, it the ftp connection become very slow. It
cost much time in establishing socket connection. However, the transfer rate
has no problem. The same problem also exists in Samba service. However, the
http service has no problem.

I'd tried reboot the server and restart the services for many times. Still
no use. Can anyone give me some suggestion? I'd been troubled for serveral



Unknown problem

Post by Outlaw Tor » Tue, 12 Mar 2002 17:20:22


OK, I have a feeling your problem with Samba and FTP connection speeds
will lie within reverse DNS look-ups. At daft as it sounds, this is what it
well be.

Also, if the box is behind a router, make sure port 20 is allowed/routed
as well as 21 for FTP, as FTP uses 20 as well.

I had a similar problem with one of my linux boxes (ironically, the only one
really used for file serving as well) and found it to be reverse DNS
mappings (the
x.x.x.arpa.in-addr files). HTTP will usually go through without the need for
a reverse DNS lookup (as that is how it works through browsers, etc.) so you
won't notice the difference there.

Hope this helps,

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I'm having trouble configuring the IP networking on Solaris 7.

I've set my /etc/defaultrouter file to be the gateway on the network.

If I know the IP address of a web server on the net, I can point Netscape at
it, and the page will apppear - which proves that the machine can reach the
net. However if I try to use the domain name e.g. www.sun.com, then I get an
unknown host error.

The same if I try and telnet from the shell.

I have set /etc/resolv.conf to be our own internal domain and the nameserver
to be our own internal windows dns server (which forwards DNS lookups to the
DNS of our ISP).

nslookup on solaris works ok in this way. - however I was having trouble
previously when it couldn't find the nameserver; though this was because the
windows nameserver couldnt do a reverse lookup to itself - I added a pointer
to its records to allow it to do so. nslookup worked then.

any help greatly appreciated - I have tried setting the nameserver on
Solaris to be the DNS of our ISP, but this still doesn't work.



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