Problems installing NIS+ client on Linux RedHat 7.1

Problems installing NIS+ client on Linux RedHat 7.1

Post by Daniel Ouim » Thu, 23 Aug 2001 06:31:34

I have just compiled and installed NIS+ client (1.4.1) on a new Linux
Red Hat 7.1.  Our server is a Solaris 7 Sparc server.

There seem to be a problem with the portmap when I start the nis+
client. Here are the network packets exchanged between the client and
the server :

client.domain -> server.domain PORTMAP C GETPORT prog=100300 (NIS+) vers=3 proto=TCP (retransmit)
server.domain -> client.domain PORTMAP R GETPORT port=32772
client.domain -> server.domain ICMP Destination unreachable (Bad port)

The commands executed on the client is as usual :
% domainname domain
% nisinit -c -H server.domain
And no I did not forget to put credentials for the client on the
server. So I think everything is right, except that the PORTMAP goes
crazy when it receives the answer from the server...

HELP ME PLEASE, or give me a pointer where to find the right
information. Does RedHat have support for this kind of problem?

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Ouimet   Administrateur des systemes informatiques, CRM

Universite de Montreal, CRM,  C.P. 6128, succursale Centre-Ville
Montreal (Quebec) H3C 3J7, CANADA
(514) 343-6992        FAX: (514) 343-2254


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