ultra sparc running linux, smbfs permission problems, "d---------"

ultra sparc running linux, smbfs permission problems, "d---------"

Post by Frederick W. Koehler I » Sat, 19 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I have redhat 6.2 on my Sun Ultra 1, and am having problems with
permissions trying to mount shares from my NT 4.0 box.  I'm running kernel
2.2.17pre18 with smbfs support builtin and samba 2.0.7-4 rpm's that I
built on this machine.  I've tried pre-built redhat binaries to no avail.

In the past, I have successfully mounted these shares from the NT machine
with my sparc 5 running redhat 6.2.  On the ultra, I can use smbclient and
successfully log on as a normal user and list files and 'get' and 'put'
files on the shares with full read/write access, no problems.

I have permissions on the mount point itself (and the whole subdirectory
that mount point is in) to 777, owned by fwkoehl:fwkoehl.

But when, as root, I use the command:

mount -tsmbfs "//fwkoehl/c drive" ./c -o

It succeeds, but the resulting directory permissions are
"d---------".  As root, remarkably, I can cd into the mounted share, and
see files.  I can even copy files into the directory.  The permissions for
files in the mounted share are "----------".  As a normal user I can't do
anything, even cd into the mounted shares.

From the NT machine, I can mount my linux filesystems shared by samba
perfectly, it works great.  But I can't go the other way around, from the
ultra to the nt box...

Has anyone seen something similar?  Any work-arounds?  

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