VPN tools.

VPN tools.

Post by gary » Tue, 25 Dec 2001 15:05:32

Hi all,

I can't find VPN tools for linux, please help me.

Thank you


VPN tools.

Post by Jussi Torhone » Tue, 25 Dec 2001 16:03:18

> I can't find VPN tools for linux, please help me.

Check http://www.freeswan.org



VPN tools.

Post by Dean Thompso » Tue, 25 Dec 2001 23:00:19


Quote:> Hi all,

> I can't find VPN tools for linux, please help me.

Exactally what tools are you looking for ?, tools to help you connect to
someone elses VPN server, or are you thinking about wanting to establish a VPN
between two machines ?

See ya

Dean Thompson


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VPN tools.

Post by kevin baile » Fri, 04 Jan 2002 02:01:16

i can say that if you want to backup files over tcp/ip to another server i have set up
rsync and it uses ssh for encryption.  sounds scary but it setup easily and works well.

i set it up to send the contents of one directory over the internet to a directory on a server - the beauty of rsync is that it only sends new or updated files - so it only really sends the changes to the contents of the directory - and using ssh means that you have the security angle covered.

if using debian it is relatively easy to install the rsynch and ssh packages


kev bailey

e main advantage is that rsync only sends new or updated file

> Hi all,

> I can't find VPN tools for linux, please help me.

> Thank you


1. slirp as a VPN tool?

Where I work, many of the services are restricted to machines on one of our
local subnets.  This is fine when using a ppp dialup, but I've got
a cable modem so I'm coming in from "outside" our campus networks.

I'd like to set up some sort of simple vpn between my home machine and my
desktop machine at work.  I'm using the VPN mini-howto as a template,
but as the machine at work is an Irix box, I don't really want
to go to the trouble of configuring Irix PPP.

I was hoping to use slirp (a "ppp emulator") on the work end of things
to simplify the matter (after all, what is slirp but IP masquerading done
dirt cheap? :)).  Something like this:

<pppd on home machine>  <=== ssh connection to work machine ====> <slirp>

This works, almost.  I can use pty-redir and ssh to get slirp running
on the remote end.  On my Linux box, I start up pppd.  I end up with a
route to the remote box over ppp0.  ppp0 appears to be properly
configured; its inet address is "" and the P-t-P address
is the ip address of the remote host.

This is as far as I get.  Packets sent to the remote host disappear -- or,
more accurately, packets sent to the remote host arrive at the remote
host, but never return.  

Any idea what can be done about this situation, if anything?


  -- Lars

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