Connecting via Win98 driver.

Connecting via Win98 driver.

Post by » Mon, 02 Aug 2010 22:36:37

I need to connect to the Internet via a HUAWEI
fixed-wireless-terminal [telephone] which I've only got
a Win98 driver for.

I have little experience with W98, but it seems to be a disaster:
when I go off-line the browser [IE] locks-up.

I want to be able to use the same method to fetch http/S as I do
under linux:
* put all the [dozen or more] URLs in a file: L
* run a script to:
   lynx -dump <next line of L>  >> AccumualtingFile.

 So with this, once on-line, you fire-off the script, and you get
 all the http/S in a file without any picture clutter, for minimum
 dial-up cost.

 AFAIK I used lynx with DOS in the past, and I'm looking to find
 my copy again. But would DOS-lynx communicate with the
 Win98 internet-connecting application?

 How else can I easily avoid having to d/l with the standard browser
 and save quickly, before pasting the next URL - cycle.

 It seems that the W98's IE browser can't even disable graphics,
 which slows down the fetching greatly.

 == TIA.