backup over internet

backup over internet

Post by tulan » Fri, 25 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I'm looking for gnu software that is able to do daily backups over the
internet and also a program to encrypt data that could be seen.
card numbers, etc...Also, how complicated would it be to backup files from
windows machines,etc.., to a private linux ftp server or web server. I'm
assuming a ftp server would be the way to go unless a better solution
exists in the linux world. Yep, newbee...

Please forgive me if this sounds novice.....:,)

Any help would be greatly appreciated..


1. Internet backup services for Linux

Hi all -- after suffering a pretty major disk crash with my personal Linux
box, it's reminded me of the need to have backups of everything. =P  I
would like to go with a third-party Internet backup service, so I don't
have to keep a regular schedule myself, and so I have the added security
of an off-site copy of everything.

Does anyone know of/can recommend any commercial Internet-based remote
backup service compatible with Linux?  All the ones I've seen are Windows

Thanks for your help!

-- Mark

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