NIC problem

NIC problem

Post by chongma » Sat, 04 Jan 2003 13:49:23


I need some help here.  I had RH7.1 running IPCHAINS with Masquerading,
connecting between my cable modem (Eth0;DHCP) and other home pcs on the 8
port switch (ETH1; private IPs).

After I upgraded this to RH8.0, I could not get ETH0 up and running. During
the boot process, it complains that cable unplugged.  But I know it worked
fine before upgrade and works fine with XP ( laptop).

So my question is :

Does RH8.0 use different NIC driver (3c59X)? or
Does RH8.0 use different DHCP client?
 or is there anything that I missed?

Thanks in advance.


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I have a Micron Transport XPE with a docking station and built in NIC (AMD
PCNet).  Also have a PCMCIA Megahertz Ethernet/modem card.  The networking
for the docking station nic fails to start.  The pcmcia card works fine when
it is plugged in, which it usually is.  I've looked at several scripts to
see why the one nic won't start.  /etc/sysconfig/network checks
(/etc/sysconfig/pcmcia) to see if there is a pcmcia device (line
pcmcia=yes).  If it finds it, it skips the eth loop and never starts the
nic.  If I change the pcmcia script to be pcmcia=no, then the nic starts
and, of course, the pcmcia card doesn't.

Does anyone else have this problem and is there a work around or fix?
I'd like to have both working.  My linux kernel is 2.0.33

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