connect to ISP pop3 server using MS proxy?

connect to ISP pop3 server using MS proxy?

Post by Beno?t Cousso » Thu, 17 Dec 1998 04:00:00


How can I retrieve my internet mail on a linux PC connected via LAN to a MS
proxy 2.0.
I want to use my linux PC for internal mailing and for forwarding mails from
internet to Win95 clients.


Benoit Cousson.


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I'm a newbie for Linux. I already have a masq network at home serving
internet masq and file sharing. I wanna to setup a home POP3/SMTP server
for our family members and I only got a dial-up connection to the ISP
with one single email address. Is it possible to setup several "home"
email addresses within my private network but still be able to send out
to the world through my single account in the ISP?

I have tried to look at some HOW-To and books but nothing mentions on
this directly...

Thanks in advance


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