/\/\ Multi-PPP (aka RFC 1717) on Linux ?

/\/\ Multi-PPP (aka RFC 1717) on Linux ?

Post by Geoffst » Sat, 31 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone know if this has been done ?

Can't get ISDN, but I need faster than 28.8....

Geoff Slater



1. ? multi home + multi cgi, multi email, multi log, multi support

Is there any httpd package that could do not only multi web-home
setup, but also
        email for multi-doamin-names with their own domain-name;
        store log files for each domain-name in their own location;
        setup cgi-bin for each domain-name to have their own directory;
        support autherization and configuration for their own home

Does Netscape do that, OpenMarket do that, Or otehrs?



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