Multiple dial OUTS & report on 3COM 3C905-TX ethernet

Multiple dial OUTS & report on 3COM 3C905-TX ethernet

Post by scotta.. » Tue, 03 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hey all!

Got that new 3COM 3C905-TX ethernet card working on 1.2.13 for 10baseT.
Haven't got anything to support fast ethernet, so dunno if that will work
or not.

Can telnet and ftp from windoze 95 using Procomm Plus just fine.

Anyhow, since I have a hub I know I can set up a terminal server to pick
up multiple phones when they ring.  Does anyone know of a solution to
allow a dialout off of equipment* off the network.  Don't want to
stuff my box with boca-boards and the like, want to try and be expanding
based on LAN technology.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated....


1. anyone have driver for 3com 3c905-tx IBM fast Ethernet PCI card for RS/6000?

Hey All,

I'm looking for a driver for a 3com 3c905-tx Tast Ethernet PCI card for the
RS/6000 machine. I've been to:
and it says that the driver is called:

but a check of IBM's software reservoir returns no such software...

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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