HELP: routing for 2 ethernets back-to-back?

HELP: routing for 2 ethernets back-to-back?

Post by Zoran Marjansk » Sun, 03 Nov 1996 04:00:00


I've got a little network started at home. 2 comuters with a NE2000
compatible card in each and 10baseT between them (no hub). I used the
diagnostic software that came with the adapters to test flow of packets
between the 2 ethernets- OK.

I have linux on both computers, and have the eth0 interface up and
running on both and a static route on both. However, when I ping the
other computer I get no response (ping just sits and waits). I believe
this to be a routing problem.

Since I'm relatively new at this, can anyone please help? I know this
can work.

Below are some details on what I'm using for machine names and addrs:

machine 1: rose ( netmask
machine 2: pluto ( netmask

I gather that my network is

Any help would be appreciated...



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