Problem authentication POP server RedHat 4.0

Problem authentication POP server RedHat 4.0

Post by Niels Kimme » Mon, 18 Nov 1996 04:00:00

When I start a ipop3d-session and give a username and password, I get back
the message "-ERR bad login".
It looks like the pop-server doesn't even look if my "USER" is valid,
because it acceps rubbish for a username.

does anyone have a clue on this?


1. -= NT 4.0 Server for RedHat 4.0 =-

Hi all,

This is not a joke and I am not trying to "fight" about OS's. I have a
Windows NT 4.0 Server package with 10 users license, unregistered, that I
am willing to trade for Linux RedHat 4.0 Package. I know it sounds funny,
since NT is way up on $$, but it is not a joke (although I do not care
about NT at all).

Anyone interested, please email me directly or call me to the number on my
sig. The person willing to trade will pay for shipping expenses.


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