config 3C575-tx

config 3C575-tx

Post by Zheng Wan » Sun, 07 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I am trying install Linux (Debian) into my BSI NP6280 laptop. The
is that I can not config the Ethernet card (3C575-TX). During the
installation, I can not find the device. After config the network, I
always get the error message: network is not rearchable.


Zheng Wang


1. 3c575-TX CardBus + kernel 2.0.33

I'm trying to get a 3c575-TX CardBus NIC working in my Transmonde Vibrant
laptop and have so far been doing everything that's said to do on Donald
Becker's 'PC Card and Ethernet Page'.  But I was just wondering -- doesn't one
have to tell the kernel which card to use when you're doing a 'make config'?
(I know that's what I did for my desktop.)  

However, the 3c575 isn't listed version 2.0.33's 3Com card section.  I have the
3c59x_cb.o file in /lib/modules/2.0.33/pcmcia as described in Becker's page
(, but I was just wondering if or
how you tell the kernel about that module or if you just have modprobe load it
automagically or something.  I'd sure appreciate any help available.  Thanks
in advance.

Best regards,


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