Flash upgrading ELSA Microlink 56K modem

Flash upgrading ELSA Microlink 56K modem

Post by Seth Chaikl » Thu, 19 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I have the necessary files to flash upgrade the ELSA Microlink
56K modem to the (current) V.90 standard.

According to instructions found with the files, one is
supposed to start the terminal communications program
(using RTS/CTS) and then X-modem to upload the two

I tried and failed.  Has anyone done this successfully?

I tried with minicom-1.81 (which otherwise works for
dialing out, though I never tested x-modem) and
sx from the lrzsz-0.12a (which I have never tested).

I have tried unsuccessfully to get information from the dealer
who sold me the modem (even though they are a Linux and Cyclades
dealer).  I have tried so far without success from Elsa.
And comp.dcom.modems does not seem to know that Linux exists.

Thanks for any advice.

  Seth Chaiklin