OLD networking cards, for fun?

OLD networking cards, for fun?

Post by msunew » Tue, 18 Jul 1995 04:00:00

   I was at a computer show yesterday, and several vendors had OLD, out of
date networking cards for $1-5.  Being a college student, my suite-mate
and I would like to network our Linux boxes...

   We know nothing of networking and would consider this a learning
experience.  I don't care if I don't get the best performance, etc.,

   Are there any recomendations?  I saw a few different types of cards:
      a: one coaxal socket
      b: two coaxal sockets
      c: two coaxal sockets and a slightly larger phone jack
      d: one larger phone jack

   Which of these do you recommend?  Are *any* of these supported by
Linux?  Which are newest?  etc. etc. etc.

   Maybe most importantly, which are easiest to set up and most reliable
under LInux?

Thanks very much.  There's lot's of old hardware waiting to be eaten up...

Also, I am presently using a null modem cable to connect an old 8088 as a
dumb terminal.  Should we use null modem cables to network?  Should I use
a networking card to connect the dumb terminal?

Brian Hoort
Michigan State University STudent


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Hi. The card in question is an ISA ATI Graphics Ultra Pro (with the mach32
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managed to root through the AST website (talk about counterintuitive!) so
I could get the horiz and vert scan lines etc. I can't seem to get X setup
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I'm pleasantly surprised at the level of support the linux community
provides. Also, being something of a DOS/Windows junkie ;=( in the past,
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Aniruddha Shankar
BAngalore, India

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