Network problem, can't ping other machines on same network

Network problem, can't ping other machines on same network

Post by Maio Dominiqu » Fri, 23 Oct 1998 04:00:00


I setup a machine with RH 5.1 in a small LAN. All seems to work fine. My

network card is correctly recognised by the system but I can't ping
other's computers.
So, if I ping my own machine (eg : or
everything's ok but when I try to ping
an other machine (eg : or nothing hapens.
My network setting are

IP :
Netmask :
SubNet :
Gateway :  none or default (

It is not the first time I setup a Linux machine and I never encountered

this problem before. But of course, I'm not realy a Linux Guru......

Any idea on this ?
Thank you.

P.S. : Sorry for my bad english


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I installed a linux (kernel 2.2.5-1) with a DE220 ISA NIC (of cause PnP).
When I finished the network configuration(IP connect it
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other IPs such as does work well or say "alive"), the
result is "request time out". I check /etc/conf.modules, alias is right:
"alias eth0 ne; option ne io 0x240 irq 10". I also
check /etc/sysconfig/network, is normally show: "networking=yes... IPv4
forward = no...". All the things seems good, but I still can't ping
anyother IP address in my LAN. What's the problem? Can you help me?

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