NCSA httpd problems

NCSA httpd problems

Post by J. Rain » Fri, 05 Apr 1996 04:00:00

    I am having trouble getting ncsa httpd to run on my system. It will
work using netscape, but it won't load any pictures, and it gived me an
error in lynx. Anyone had this problem before and have any suggestions
for me?

Thanks in Advance,
Justin Rains


1. Help -- NCSA httpd problem!

I'm having troubles solving a problem on our NCSA httpd.

I've written this one script and people are complaining that
it returns a blank page.  When I try it with the exact same
input it returns what I expect.  In the access_log it always says
200 72 at the end of the line, but not for everyone.  The same person
can try over and over again and it will finally return a larger portion
of the results.

Why does it only return 72 bytes (the first 2 lines of html) sometimes?
Could it be a firewall problem on the client end?

Does anyone have any solutions?

Scott Guminy

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