PPP from linux to NT using NULL MODEM and RAS

PPP from linux to NT using NULL MODEM and RAS

Post by Zot O;COnno » Fri, 15 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi I have linux on a laptop.  I am trying to connect to my NT 3.51
Server using pppd through a null modem.

I can connect from terminal to minicom so the cable works (and the
ports, a first step :)

I applied the patch from microsofts kb to MODEM.INF

I setup a chat script of "chat -v "" $" but I get nothing

I loging try sending $ through minicom (from linux, like telix).  I get
the same hardware line error I got before the fix.

Here is my Modem.inf:
[Null Modem 38400]




Any Ideas?  This seems real silly.



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Hopefully somebody can help me. I've got a analogue leased line with a
Duxbury leased modem at a remote branch, it was connecting between 2 NT
machines over this analogue line using a NULL MODEM driver. I have to
migrate the branch to a linux machine and it has to connect to the NT
machine across this same analogue link using the duxbury modem.

I've been battling the entire day trying to get it going, but dont know how
to set up the connection as a null modem ?
with wvdial I'm connecting to /dev/ttyS0 and I keep getting responses that
"Modem is not responding"
The analogue modem however has connected to the other side as the CD light
is on - I just need to establish a ppp session between this linux machine
and the NT machine.

Please help before I pull all my hair out :)

Thanx guys !

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