Cisco VPN Client -> network hang or system lock

Cisco VPN Client -> network hang or system lock

Post by Kevin the Drumm » Fri, 10 Nov 2006 01:52:02

Quote:> I just got a whole bunch of these messages:

>     eth0: Out-of-sync dirty pointer, number1 vs. number2.

> Where number1 and number2 don't match.  They're each about 25000,
> and they mismatch by about 15.  Too much of the time I also get a
> kernel oops right after this.  [At that point the system locks up
> hard, requiring a power-off reset.]

> This happens on a 2.6.7 kernel equipped Celeron machine using a
> RealTeK RTL8139 equipped network card.

A number of people in USENET suspected that this was hardware,
and I never did manage to find any hardware troubles.  I've since
discovered that this problem ONLY occurs if I happen to have the
Cisco IPSec VPN client running at the time.  I'm running client

I've since tried the Cisco client on a dual-core Athlon machine
running a 10/100/Gigabit Ethernet VIA VT6122 on-board ethernet
adapter in an ABIT AV8 3rd-Eye motherboard.  This system is
running Mandriva 2006.0, Christmas Club edition, with a security
upgraded kernel to version 2.6.12-27mdk.  While this system never
locks up hard, the network service will die, and traffic to/from
everywhere is disabled.  Restarting the "network" service brings
this system back to usable.  There are no suspicious messages in
/var/log/syslog nor /var/log/messages.

In both cases the badness occurs in the event of heavy network
traffic, e.g. copying a 50MB file to or from a machine.

Has anyone run into something like this?  How about how to fix
it or work around it?


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Cisco VPN Client -> network hang or system lock

Post by Chris Hunte » Fri, 10 Nov 2006 04:33:13

> Has anyone run into something like this?  How about how to fix
> it or work around it?

I had a similar problem years ago - it turned out to be a memory issue: I
was using kget, and the machine was running out of memory.  It appeared
that the downloaded file was being saved to a temporary file /in/ /memory/
before being copied to disc.  It only happened with /really/ big downloads
(like ISO images): more memory and an OS upgrade fixed the problem
entirely!  You might want to check what's going on with *top.*



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