Corkscrew and iPlanet Web Proxy server

Corkscrew and iPlanet Web Proxy server

Post by R Hu » Wed, 05 Mar 2003 07:02:36

Can someone tell me if Corkscrew will work with iPlanet web proxy server (v3.6)?

1. iplanet web server 6.6 + iplanet directory server (latest)

i want to password protect certain pages/directories on the webserver
- must i use ldap to do this with iplanet 6 sp6 web server?

i installed the web server, and then ldap... does the order affect
things, some postings suggest installing the directory server first,
and then iplanet web server?

i didn't and am having problems in the web server admin adding users,
etc. can i configure the directory server better for the web server
(do something manually)? is there something to adjust in the console
app for the web server to plugin better?

the errors in the ws admin is:

An error occurred while contacting the LDAP server.
(No such object)

The server could not locate the entry. If adding a new entry, be sure
that the parent of the entry you are trying to add exists. If you
received this error while searching or viewing an entry, it indicates
that the entry which was being searched for does not exist.

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