Problem with ethernet card using Ip masquerade

1. IP Masquerading Ethernet<-->Ethernet


I have just been lucky enough to get a 10baseT high speed internet
connection via DHCP.
No this is not a Cable modem or ADSL, it is Ethernet; a CAT5 cable runs
from my home office
to a hub in the phone closet of my building, which is connected to a
FIBER backbone of the local
phone company (BC TEL).  It is a very good thing ;-)

Ok, so I am greedy and I want my small home office (4 computers) to
share this connection, but I am only allowed one DHCP connection plus I
like the idea of hiding my computers from the net via a firewall.

I am not an IP wiz, as I barely understand what a netmask is for or what
the difference between a class C and class B network is.  I have read
the latest HOWTO's but they seem to focus on PPP->Ethernet.

Can someone suggest what I need to do and read to share this DHCP
supplied ethernet IP between four computers?  I think I need two network
cards in the DHCP computer.  I think I need IP forwarding enabled.  I
think I need to use a non registered IP range (

I am running RedHat 5.0 with the 2.1.85 development kernel (I want FAT32
support + SB16 & Gravis ACE support).  I am willing to go back to 2.0.33
if I have to (and loose my FAT32 DOS file system).

BTW, I have managed to hack (bluff) my way through getting DHCP working
under Linux (I am using it right now), so I am not as dim as I sound.

I noticed that just in the last couple of days a new IP masquerading
rewrite came out for Kernel 2.1.102; should I use it?

My long term goal is to pull an old 386/486 out of my closet and
dedicate it as a full time Linux node whose purpose is to act as the
router/firewall to the net.  Considering I don't have a spare 386/486
actually in my closet I will try and buy one for < $450CDN which seems
quite possible from what I can tell.  Given, I need to spend some money,
is there a magic box (RouteMan, WebRamp, 3COM Remote Dual Analog are
such magic boxes for PPP->Ethernet IP Masquerading) I could get in lieu
of a Linux driven dedicated machine?


    Todd Meade

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