slackware 3.5 install - install from win95/dos hard drive?

slackware 3.5 install - install from win95/dos hard drive?

Post by TecMaste » Sun, 30 Aug 1998 04:00:00

OK, here's my situation...
First off, I have installed Linux slackware before but it was 3.4 and it
was just directly from the cdrom... Yes, I am a newbie... Now I am
trying to install slackware 3.5(from scratch-no upgrade) from a
FAT16(DOS/Windows) harddrive of which I downloaded all the necessary
files onto... The windows drive also obviously also has Windows(95) on
it. I now have this HD with all the files on it, as Primary slave...It
is a 3.2 Gig drive though, so, it is HDB1, HDB2, and HDB5, when detected
by linux...I have put the drive I want to install linux onto as primary
master, so i can boot either into windows or linux...the drive i am
trying to install to is only a 541 Meg drive... how can i install to the
541M drive from the 3.2 Gig drive? I am just using the Bare.I bootdisk,
and Color.gz rootdisk... When I try and just install from another hard
drive, and set the source partition and directory, it says the directory
doesn't exist on that partition, though I know it does. I assume it
hasn't mounted the drive yet, when I exit setup, i look at that
partition and it looks as if it's not mounted.(doesn't show any files in
the specified directory).   Anybody have any suggestions???

Any help would be greatly appreciated...Preferably email me at



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I just got slackware 3.5 and tried for first time to install it on my 2nd
I partitioned the 2nd drive to two DOS partitions and left 550Mbytes free

I booted with floppy and logged as root.
I cfdisk and created linux swap(50 Mbytes) and linux native (500Mbytes). I then
installed the default "disks".

After the install when I boot DOS, I am unable to access my 2nd drive. Only
sees it and cfdisk tells me there are two DOS partitions there!

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