4 CYCLOM-16Y/DB25 card in a system, possible?

4 CYCLOM-16Y/DB25 card in a system, possible?

Post by D.J. Greg » Tue, 18 Jul 1995 04:00:00

>I plan to hook 4 of this cards into my Linux Pentium machine.
>Can anyone conform if this is feasible?  

        Yes it is.  When you are configuring the machine, make sure to
leave interrupts 9-12 open for the -16Y cards.

        You might want to ask Cyclades about the Cyclom-32Y series.  I
have seen notes in the kernel about this card, but I am unsure if it has
been released yet.  Using two -32Y's for 64 ports will save you two
expansion slots and two interrupts for other things, which may turn out
to be a very good thing!



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