Samba and 8.3 Notation

Samba and 8.3 Notation

Post by Mark Zim » Fri, 16 Oct 1998 04:00:00


Can someone tell me, how I can set samba to allow a NT box writing only
filenames and
directories with 8.3 notation, for compatibility with older
Is it possible with settings in smb.conf, or only by changing source



1. new isofs option for uppercase filenames (DOS 8.3 format)/SAMBA

I had some W95 clients connected to a LINUX (2.0.32) server box.
some W95 apps (among some shell scripts from other unixes)
expect to have all filenames on a CD in DOS 8.3 format,
i. e. all uppercase. Samba does not supply an option to convert
filenames to uppercase (i.e. I did not find any solution).

Now, for these cases I have added a new mount option to the
isofs driver.

The CD must be mounted according to the mount manpage except that
you can now specify

        -o map=d[os]

to use this feature. It is nearly the same like using the default
of "-o map=n[ormal] except for filename case translation.

Feel free to download the patch from

Any comments are highly welcome.

        (Yeah, I know I'm not a brilliant programmer)

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