how do I setup peer-to-peer ISDN?

how do I setup peer-to-peer ISDN?

Post by Simon Oosthoe » Thu, 04 Nov 1999 04:00:00


I want to connect two parts of a network using ISDN (not a leased line).

I have 2 dedicated ISDN router machines and both are running Mandrake
6.1 and they both have an ELSA Microlink ISDN PCI (previously Quickstep
1000 PCI, HiSax type 18).

Using the redhat-isdn package at:
I got a connection to work to an internet provider (as a test), but I
don't know how to configure the server-side (the side that gets called
and is supposed to answer).

The configuration is not straightforward (to me), because there are a
lot of different scripts and there appears to be little documentation
for ISDN server. Can anyone help me out here?




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I'm interested in getting a couple of ethernet cards to hook up one
machine running Linux and another running DOS.  I have some tailor-made
software that's been written for both environments, and they use the same
data files... I'd like to have the Linux machine spawn processes on the
DOS machine, and use the data file output from the DOS process in an X

Is this a worthwhile endeavor?  Can I do this with some kind of
peer-to-peer ethernet connection?  I assume I need to stick with ethernet
since Linux has extensive support for ethernet cards.  The data files I'm
working with are rather large, so they'd take too long to transfer over a
serial or parallel link...I'd like to use ethernet coax if possible.

Input appreciated!  Thanks!

Nick Rossi

"You generally don't find that kind of behavior in a major appliance..."

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