Using DIP to make a TIA SLIP connection

Using DIP to make a TIA SLIP connection

Post by Bruce Adelsm » Sun, 28 May 1995 04:00:00

I'm trying to connect to a provider who uses TIA as their slip
connection source.  I've set my values as:

I connect in fine and seem to get a route set up but I still can't talk
to the remote side.  Any ideas?

Could someone post or send me a copy of their dip script for a tia

Bruce Adelsman


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Hello everyone,

I am using the dip program that comes with the slackware distb of
Linux. At school, we have the "tia" program.

I connect fine, and i have a static IP address that i know


and the  IP of the Gateway is also known.

after connection in the SLIP mode. I am able to telnet to hosts and
 do "ftp". Also, the "Pine" mail prgoram has worked, and i can send
mail from my local machine.

To cut this story short, I am a novice in networking. I have nobody
to ask (our Knowledgable sys-admin has left to the states for
a better career).

I am stuck, i am not able to anything more. How can i get "xterm"

from the remote host to display on my host?. Also, how can other X-based
programs  be displayed on my local machine?

I tried to type   setenv DISPLAY
on the remote m/c, but got "can not open display..."

I hope this quetsion is not Tooo stupid. Any help or advice are greatly



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