Lock Problems with 2.0.11

Lock Problems with 2.0.11

Post by Dann Farquha » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I have v 2.0.11 running on a Cyrix 486-66 and untill recently did not
have any problems.  I now have a problem when trying to use pop3d to get
mail.  pop3d returns an error, I modified a copy of it to see where the
error occured, it is a error processing flock (the value of errno is 9).

I was able to work around the problem by using another linux machine and
mounting the file system from the first via nfs, and setting up a
symbolic link to the /var/spool directory (ln -s /mnt/var/spool

I am running Sendmail 8.7.5/8.6.9 on the first machine.

Is there a way of determing the owner of a lock?


1. Num Lock key not working since using HPUX-11


on my keyboard, the 'Num Lock' key on the number keypad is not working
anymore, since I have been moved from HPUX-10.20 to HPUX-11. It is
always fixed to the numeric mode.

I am using csh. Any ideas, what to put in the .cshrc to make it working

xmodmap -pk says:

    114         0xffb1 (KP_1)   0xff9c (KP_End)
    115         0xff53 (Right)
    116         0xffb4 (KP_4)   0xff96 (KP_Left)
    117         0xffb7 (KP_7)   0xff95 (KP_Home)
    118         0xff56 (Next)
    119         0xff50 (Home)
    120         0xff55 (Prior)
    121         0xffb0 (KP_0)   0xff9e (KP_Insert)
    122         0xffae (KP_Decimal)     0xff9f (KP_Delete)
    123         0xffb2 (KP_2)   0xff99 (KP_Down)
    124         0xffb5 (KP_5)
    125         0xffb6 (KP_6)   0xff98 (KP_Right)
    126         0xffb8 (KP_8)   0xff97 (KP_Up)
    127         0xff7f (Num_Lock)
    128         0xffaf (KP_Divide)
    130         0xff8d (KP_Enter)
    131         0xffb3 (KP_3)   0xff9b (KP_Next)
    132         0xff7e (Mode_switch)
    133         0xffab (KP_Add)
    134         0xffb9 (KP_9)   0xff9a (KP_Prior)
    135         0xffaa (KP_Multiply)

So it seems, that there is something defined. But why is it not working?
Also redefining e.g. F12 using:
 xmodmap -e  "keycode 103 = Num_Lock" is not solving my problem.

Using "xset led 2" and "xset -led 2" I can switch the correspondig LED
on or off. Well, I did not hope, that this would switch the num-lock key
behaviour. at least, I can access the LED.

Does anybody know a cure?



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