New Medical Resource Web Site!

New Medical Resource Web Site!

Post by qAWIG.. » Thu, 31 Aug 2000 04:00:00

We have a new website at

Please stop by our site, we are very sure there will be something you will find useful.
Some of the featured areas on our site include:
Practice Management Software, Medical Billing Training, Medical Billing Services, a Networking Medical Billing Forum, World Wide Web Design for the Medical Industry, Additional Software Links, Medical Associations, Healthcare Organizations, Government Links, Health and Medicine, Medical Library, Medical Directories, Daily Health News, Medical Regulation Links, Medical Billing Home Based Business Opportunity Program, Research Links to Professional Associations and Organizations.

Come .... Please check us out:


1. New Web Builder Resource Site

Hi folks -

The "Complete Resource For All Web Builders" is now up and running.

It contains more than 1000 links to FREE CLIPART (such as animated gifs,
bullets, buttons, photos, etc.), counters, backgrounds, Java, cgi, html,
graphics programs, site promotion and other web building blocks for your
website or web pages.

It is located at

I hope you find it useful.

Thanks. Have fun!

Jeff Singer - "The Complete Resource For All Web Builders"

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