ppp through rlogin doesn't work :-(

ppp through rlogin doesn't work :-(

Post by Nelson Posse Lago fflch - fsl 37 » Sat, 13 Apr 1996 04:00:00

     Hi all,
     I'm trying to set up a terminal server with 2
linux machines: the first answers the phone and rlogin's
to the second; the second runs pppd. The problem is,
if I start a 1kb transfer, it gets slower and slower
to the point of never actually ending (it's not a
typo, I'm talking about a 1Kb transfer). I'm using
rlogin -8E for a clean connection.
     Ssomeone pointed me that there's a fixed (?)
rlogin client that implements flow control better
than the standard one that comes with most linuxes
(It was written by Miquel van Smoorenburg). It
didn't solve my problem, though.
     Telnet -8E also yelds the same problem, so
I don't know where to go; I do something like
that to connect to my university and everything
works fine.
     This is Debian 0.93R6, ppp-2.2, kernel
1.2.13 with ppp loaded as a module (I can't
compile it into the kernel anymore due to
something that has been altered in debian's
version of the kernel).
     So, if you know where lies the holly
graal of this question please let me know!! :-)
Thanks already,


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