Linux NIC for FlexATX case?

Linux NIC for FlexATX case?

Post by Sterling Lindse » Sat, 12 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Has anyone out there heard of a manufacturer offering a Linux compatible
10/100BaseTX NIC in the "Low Profile PCI" form factor?  My motherboard has
one NIC built-in, but I need a second for my broadband home gateway.

Thanks in advance,


1. FlexATX motherboard for Linux?

Does anyone have any knowledge of which FlexATX motherboards work well
with Linux?

My goal is to assemble a very small, very quiet Linux box, most likely
using one of the newer VIA CyrixIII processors and Red Hat 7.0.  There
are a number of i810e-based motherboards that seem perfect for the job,
and the on-board components (video, LAN) seem to be supported under
Linux, but I haven't had much luck tracking down user accounts of which
boards work and which don't.

So far, I've read that:

- The Intel D810EMO board works, but has been superseded by the
(untested?) D810E2CB:

- The Tyan Tomcat S2420 doesn't seem to work:

Can anybody offer any further advice?  Specifically, does anyone know if
the ECS P6IWP-Fe board will work with Linux?  It's available at a very
attractive price from a local dealer...

Thanks, everyone, for any help you can offer.

Simon South

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