A simple Samba/YP share question.. (fwd)

A simple Samba/YP share question.. (fwd)

Post by Alfred E. Gree » Tue, 13 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hello All,

I'm a samba novice ;(

Saw your "detailed" responses to another newbie questions so I thought I
give you a shout :)

Here is my setup:

I've got 2 Linux boxes.  One is running Ypserv and handles the
authentication, the other is  a 486  33mhz running ypbind(slave) and it
is my printserver.  The print server is also running the latest samba
release as a daemon (smbd -D).

It has two printers attached via parallel ports and each is shared
service..  I know this b/c when I do *smbclient -L "myhostname"* , they
come up as shared clients.

So each authenticated user can actually mount their " \" directory..
They don't actually have accts on the printserver(don't have the disk

I've got 10 NT 4.0 boxes which need to print to these shared printers..

However, printing only occurs when I "physically" mount the home
directory via "\\hostname\home_dir".

I want samba to offer the network printers as a share device to each
authenticated user automatically.

Should be transparent to the user..

How do I do this?

Thanks in advance..





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I need to come up with a shared library whose name and function names are NOT
known at compile/link time - only known at runtime. This requires the
application program to be able to dynamically load a shared library at runtime
whose name is in a variable and request a function whose name is also in
a variable.

It would work like this: At run the application program would make a system
call to dynamically load a library by the name of the string it passed. Once
loaded, the application would, using a "handle" to the library, request a
reference to a function in the library passing the name of the function. In
servicing the request the library would lookup the function name in its table
and return a pointer to the function. The application would call the function
using the pointer.

If you're familiar with Windows (I'm not that familiar with) it would be
equivalent to the "LoadLibrary" and "GetProcAddress" functions in Windows.

I've read through a number of FAQs and group posting and so far haven't come
across anything of this nature.


TIA, Mike


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