e-mail configuration main network and connecting network has same Domain

e-mail configuration main network and connecting network has same Domain

Post by Jose Antonio Baduria J » Wed, 14 Oct 1998 04:00:00

     Right now, I could send e-mail between Linux machines and different
Windows 95 clients.
I'm using DNS with a domain of tspi.com.ph. All should work well when I
connect the
system to the internet directly. However, the system will not be
connected to the internet
directly but to our mother company which is the one connected to the
internet. My problem
is that our mother company has the same domain, tspi.com.ph. That means
that e-mails
with the same domain but not existing in our network should be forwarded
to our mother
company. In the same way, e-mails received by our mother company with
the same
domain but whose users exists in our network will be forwarded to us.
This is my
dilemna right now. Since we both have same domain name, there is a
conflict. I think
I have to disable my Linux Server as Name Server and let the host
machine of our
mother company act as one. Is this correct? Do I also have to disable
Linux as an e-mail
server? If so,  how do I make sure that e-mails for us would not be
routed to
our mother company's mail server and that e-mails for us can be received
by our Linux
server from our mother company's mail server?



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