Connecting WIN95 to LINUX via PPP

Connecting WIN95 to LINUX via PPP

Post by George Quinon » Sat, 23 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I am having a problem trying to connect a WIN95 client using dial up connetion
to my linux machine running PPP

If I enable a terminal after dialing I can connect manually

But if I try it with the term terminal nothing

I tried using the dial up script lang.  But nothing

Any Ideas.

G. Quinones


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I like to connect a win95 box to redhat6.0 via PPP
the linux box is part of our NT / WIN network and should be used as router
for the offices remote.
what I want is to dial in wih the win95 box on the linux-box and browse the
network like I am directly connected via the LAN
but until now no success.

Is there anybody who can point me some examples on how to do this.

I have been reading the PPP-HOWTO, MODEM-HOWTO, the man pages and info.
But so far I still can't get it to work.

This morning I've started with mgetty.
I can call in now, get the normal linux login screen, can login via de
terminal window, but after that I am in the linux-box but not on the network

ps. (I "can't" use LRP for this as I like to run a lot more on the
73 dennis

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