Possible bug

Possible bug

Post by Jeffrey Ko » Wed, 20 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Dear Petr Vandrovec or any libncp expert,

I am Jeffrey Kok, a rather newbie to IPX networking.
I've installed ncpfs

slist, I can see my servers but when I try nwauth
I get the following error

Unable to NDS log-in (error -601 [0xFFFFFDA7], trying bindery...
./nwauth: Permission denied when trying to open conection

I have verified that server name, user, password is correct
Pls advice.

Yours sincerely,


1. Adaptec SCSI problem (possible bug)

I have a 2940 U2W Adapter SCSI with 2 devices (HDD,CD)
by the moment I use Red Hat 6.0 (with kernel 2.2.5)
and it detects everything even at installation time.

I compiled kernel 2.2.9, with aic7xxx support and I
was great, all devices detected....

but when I tried to compile the kernel 2.2.10 with the
same configuation (also with aic7xxx support), I did
compile it without problem....but when I rebooted none
of my SCSI devices were detected, although my SCSI
card was detected.
I tried with 2.2.11... 2.2.13 and the same........

then I got Mandrake 6.1(with kernel 2.2.13), and I
wanted to upgrade...so I installed...I boot from the
SCSI CD, it detected the SCSI card...but when it asked
my for the media it was unable to detect my SCSI
CD....I also tried with RH 6.1 and Mandrake 7.0
Beta....with no success.

what happen to the kernels 2.2.10 and higher is the a
bug, how can I solve it??

Thanks in advance

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