Freeswan 1.8 -> IPComp crashes my machines

Freeswan 1.8 -> IPComp crashes my machines

Post by Joerg Morbitze » Thu, 18 Jan 2001 18:59:42


I used Freeswan 1.7 and kernel 2.2.17 for a lot of weeks,
without any problems. I have two "Road-Warriors" with dynamic IP
addresses connected to a machine using a fixed IP addess.

Yesterday I compiled kernel 2.2.18 and Freeswan 1.8 on all
machines and switched compression on in ipsec.conf.

But now the two "Road-Warriors" keep crashing after a while,
no ping response, even the mouse pointer does not move any
more (unplug the power cable is the only chance to bring
the machine nack to life). The uptime until the crash is
on both Road-Warriors between 1 second and a couple of hours.

Now I deactivated the compression feature and everything
seems to work fine.

In /var/log/messages you can't see anything.

Any ideas ? Does somebody else have similar problems ?

Thanks in advance, Joerg.