Newbie ez-ipupdate/startup question

Newbie ez-ipupdate/startup question

Post by Dave » Tue, 14 Dec 2004 05:22:37

Hi there--

I'm using the ez-ipupdate tool successfully to update my DNS settings
on  I would like to automate it to run once on startup,
and am looking for advice on the best way to do this.  (I'm running on
Fedora Core 3.)

Currently, I have:


both readable and executable by root.

In my /etc/rc.d/rc.local file, I've added this line:
/usr/sbin/ez-ipudate -c /etc/ez-ipupdate/settings.conf

When I run this (logged in as root) from a command line, it executes
correctly.  But when I reboot and let it run from the startup, it seems
to complain about access to the /etc/ez-ipupdate/settings.conf file.

I assume that I have permissions/user-account issues, but I'm not sure
where to look.

Any advice?




1. ez-ipupdate problem

Hi NG,

i have a problem with ez-ipupdate running SuSE Linux 7.2 Professional on a

I installed ez-ipupdate Version 3.0.10 properly, configured it to use my
account on (in /etc/ez-ipupdate.conf) to update the IP of device
ppp0 running as a daemon (the owner of the process is not root).

Then I wrote a small boot script to ensure that ez-ipupdate is started
whenever the server goes up. I tested my script as su and everything worked
fine (start/stop/restart). Looking at /var/log/messages I found:
/usr/local/bin/ez-ipupdate started for interface ppp0 host "localhost"
using server and service dyndns
/usr/local/bin/ez-ipupdate[3416]: successful update for ppp0->HOST_IP

I verified the IP with ifconfig ppp0 and the address was correct. From then
on ez-ipupdate was solely started by the boot script and everything was
fine (ftp, ssh was working with the dns-entry on my server).

A few weeks later someone complained to me, that ftp/ssh wasn' t working
anymore using dns-hostname of my server. I had a look at the server and
found in /var/log/messages after ez-ipupdate was started by the boot script:
/usr/local/bin/ez-ipupdate started for interface ppp0 host "localhost"
using server and service dyndns
/usr/local/bin/ez-ipupdate[561]: failure to update ppp0->
/usr/local/bin/ez-ipupdate[561]: failure to update ppp0->
/usr/local/bin/ez-ipupdate[561]: failure to update ppp0->
/usr/local/bin/ez-ipupdate[561]: failure to update ppp0->HOST_IP(HOST_DNS)

The first IP is a dummy address before HOST_IP was obtained
from my ISP. Although at some point the HOST_IP was correct, ez-ipupdate
still gave the error message. I (su) stopped ez-ipupdate (executing the
bootscript with stop) and then restarted it (also using the boot script
with start). Everything worked fine, the IP got updated and I had no error
messages. But since this day ez-ipupdate doesn' t work properly when the
server is booted and it is started by my script. In order to make it work,
I manually (su) have to stop the process and restart ez-ipupdate (with the
boot script).
This seems quite strange to me, because the script was working all the time
without me having to do anything by hand. During the time everything was
ok, I didn' t update or install anything new on my machine.

Do you have any idea, what went wrong or what [561] means?
Are there better solutions to automatically start ez-ipupdate at boottime?

All the best,


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