Help: Ethernet card detection

Help: Ethernet card detection

Post by Dwayne Pasca » Wed, 27 Nov 2002 07:32:38


I'm running Red Hat 6 (kernel 2.2.5-22) and am trying to get Linux box
to recognise the home
network I have setup. I already have a Windows system connected to a
4-port Ethernet hub
(which also has my ADSL modem).  The Windows 98 system recognizes it
fine and I get a local
LAN address dynamically allocated to me by the hub.

On the Linux box though, I can't even PING the hub - even though the
status light on the hub is
showing that it's recognizing connectivity (at the hardware level I
assume). Here's what I've tried:

1) Running 'ifconfig -a' only shows my local interface and nothing else
so I assumed that my
interface card was not recognized by the system.

2) I found out my card is a Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI UTP card
and located that the
'tlan.o' module corresponds to that card.

3) I don't know what I/O or IRQ to use so I put the line 'alias eth0
tlan' in my conf.modules file
and ran 'modprob eth0'.

4) After this, doing an 'lsmod' lists that indeed 'tlan' has been loaded
but is listed as 'unused' and
'ifconfig -a' still does not list it even visible.

What do I do know ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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I installed Redhat Linux on an old 486 PC and it worked fine. My NE 2000 ISA
ethernet card was detected and configured.  I then was able to find an old
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Pro ISA lying around and used the sndconfig
utility with RedHat to set it up.   The sound card worked fine but my Ne
2000 ethernet card was no longer detected?  The ethernet card was using IRQ
3 and port 0x300 and my sound card was set to IRQ 7 and port 0x220.  I was
unable to see any conflicts? I then tried using the kernald program that
comes with RedKat to set up my NE2000 again.  It just had a message
'delaying eth0 initialization' during startup.

I got both cards working with Win95 with the Soundcard using I/O 220-22F and
388-38B using IRQ=7 and DMA=1and the NE2000 using 300-31F (I am confused why
win95 does not list an IRQ, but it works?)

Anyway any ideas how to get both cards workinging Linux ... I really would
hate to use Win95 just to have both cards work.

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