Redhat 5.2 DNS install hangs nslookup.

Redhat 5.2 DNS install hangs nslookup.

Post by Chet Hurle » Mon, 15 Feb 1999 04:00:00

When I install the 'DNS Server' option during setup, nslookup hangs.

I've tried manipulating the named.* files but it just keeps*.

I'm trying to setup a very simple network with 1 client and the Linux box
as primary nameserver.  All the other networking works just fine.

Does anyone have a solution or a pointer to a 'can't fail' treatment of this



1. RedHat 5.2 Install Hangs Randomly

I'm trying to install RedHat 5.2 on a GW2K 266MHZ P-II, 128MB RAM, one
IDE, one SCSI disk,
Adaptec 2940 controller and SCSI CD-ROM.

Specifically, I want to install on the 9GB SCSI disk (Win 95 is already
on the IDE disk), and
I've installed System Commander.

RedHat install boots from the CD-ROM, finds all the devices, and lets me
partition the
disk and select packages to install.  It then starts installing
packages.  So far, so good.

However--and I have tried this half a dozen times--the system locks up
at a random
point in the install and never finishes.  Sometimes it's only after a
couple of minutes,
other times, its after 15 minutes.  The lockup is never at the same
place, and I've
tried two different RedHat CD's.  (When I say "never finishes" I mean
that I have left it
sit as long as overnight.)

Since the load never finishes, I don't have a bootable system
afterwards, and no
access to what might have been written to the install logfile.  

Presumably, this is a hardware problem, but I have no way of pinpointing

Is there a way to boot to single-user from the CD-ROM and get a shell to
mount the
incomplete filesystems, so I can look for the install log?

Suggestions?  Thanks.
Tim Evans                     |    E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.

(302) 695-9353/8638 (FAX)     |    P.O. Box 80357

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