logging ipchains kernel messages

logging ipchains kernel messages

Post by John » Tue, 27 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Is there a possibility to log only ipchains messages to a file.
I have tried all the prioritys which are describe in the "man syslog.conf"
with no success.


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I just took a look in my /var/log/messages and noticed that about a
month ago the 'kernel' messages from the boot stiopped appearing.

All the 'other' messages are there fine. It's just the ones from the
boot-up that are missing.

Any ideas what I might have (accidentally) changed to cause this.

No, I didn't change my /etc/syslong.conf. It's identical to the one on
another machine where I'm still getting all the kernel messages
correctly. Plus the same daemons are running using all the same

Ideas ??



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