iproute2: how to make rules/routes permanent ?

iproute2: how to make rules/routes permanent ?

Post by Jan-Oliver Roc » Fri, 21 Jul 2000 04:00:00


I'm doing policy routing by TOS and would like to know if there are any
config files for
my rules and routes. Where are they ? :)
Or, if these don't exist, where should i place the "ip ru ..." and "ip ro
..." commands, so that
they are executed on boot up ?
I'm using SuSE Linux 6.3.
Thanx, Olli


1. RedHat 9.0 - Making 'route' changes permanent


I am running RH9.0 and am trying to find a way to:

1. Undo earlier changes to the routing table such that they survive
reboots (i.e. I added some entries I now wish to delete, but they keep
coming back no matter what I change)

2. Makes permanent changes to the routing table (using 'route') so
that they survive reboots - because I have found a working
configuration I want to make permanent

I've seen much discussion on this, involving for example, changing the
'static-routes' file, but this file doesn't exist on RH9.0! The file
/proc/net/route seems to contain information I might want to change,
but it refuses to allow changes, even as 'root'.

I'm confused; any help appreciated. It seems that the nature of this
problem changes from version to version. Many HOWTOS etc. list
commands that don't work and talk about files that don't exist...



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