Managing default routes

Managing default routes

Post by Mike Steve » Wed, 12 Jun 2002 05:45:09


I have Linux (Debian Sid) installed on a HP ze1115 laptop.  This
lappie has an integrated ethernet port.  I also have a D-Link  DWL-650
802.11b PCMCIA card working on this system.

I currently have my default route manually set to the Ethernet
network. If I unplug the ethernet connection, I can manually reset the
default route to point at the wifi network, and access the Internet.

I'd like to automate this whole process, so that when the ethernet
network is up, the default route is pointed at the ethernet gateway.
When it's unpluged, I'd like the default route to roll over to the
wifi network.  I thought you could do this by setting a metric on the
default route, and then running gated to manage the default route.
However, the 'free' version of gated seems to be a bit difficult to
find.  What is the best way to manage a default route in the network I
have described?  Is this something zebra can do? If so, is there a
FAQ/Howto I have missed in my search for a solution?  TIA,