Linux router on Am29200-16 AMD chip

Linux router on Am29200-16 AMD chip

Post by Mitton Pienaa » Sun, 18 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hi. I have a managable bridge. D-Link Local Bridge DI 1100i. It has an
Am29200-16 Release Version AMD processor, and some flashable chips. The
board has it's own RAM on it. In the operating system there are SNMP
facilities and stuff. It looks powerfull enough I think to run some scaled
down version of Linux. I want to set that up.

Thanks in advance.


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I'm trying to install Linux with a CD-ROM hooked to an Adaptec 6360
Protocol Chip on a SoundBlaster 16 ASP card.  DOS sees everything OK, but
when I boot Linux, I get a error that says "scsi: 0 hosts".

My book, Linux Unleashed, references the error (page 822), and says that
the "autoprobe routines on the controller card rely on the system BIOS
autoprobe and can't boot properly."  It also kindly notes that my protocol
chip is one that exhibits this nasty behavior.  What it doesn't do is
suggest how I might get around it.

Has anyone seen this or a similar problem and have an idea how to fix it?

Thanks -


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