Wifi with Nortel 2201 nic

Wifi with Nortel 2201 nic

Post by Christo van Schalkwy » Wed, 17 Mar 2004 22:26:15


Anyone knows where I can get drivers for this nic for linux or which one
would work with it?



1. Connecting a Nortel VPN client through OpenBSD (2.9) to Nortel VPN Switch

I am trying to allow a system on my local net (using Nortel Extranet Access
Client) to connect through my OpenBSD Gateway (ver 2.9) to my companies
Nortel VPN Switch. I have been reading a ton on esp, gre, a possible patch
to ipf but nothing seems to work and there are no definitive howto's?

Any suggestions (and please not buy a LinkSys/DLink/NetGEAR home broadband
gateway - I want to do this with my OpenBSD box and it should be possible
either via proxy or passthrough?)

Thanks in advance,

- will

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