Is there a dialup HOWTO (PPP/SLIP)?

Is there a dialup HOWTO (PPP/SLIP)?

Post by Erik Ratclif » Tue, 14 Mar 1995 07:02:22

I recently got a PPP dialup account at a local provider, and so far everything
(except for mail) seems to be set up correctly.  This mail problem is giving
me a headache, though, and rather than ask a million questions that could
easilly be answered in one of the 10 or so FAQ's and HOWTO's I've already
been through, I was wondering if any enterprising individual out there has
documented **specifically** how to set up a dialup PPP or SLIP/CSLIP account
on a Linux box?  You know, armed with the IP addresses for the nameserver,
mailserver, newsserver, gateway, broadcast, netmask, etc., a document that
would detail every file each address needs to be put in, gives details on
the differences between locations for your "host" address and the address
for the "host" you're connecting to (it's just a peeve of mine that these
things are slightly vague in the doc's I've read; it probably has little to
do with helping get a connection as the "netconfig" script seemed to do me
just fine), on and on...  It just seems that something like this wouldn't be
hard to write if the author was educated in the ins-and-outs of dialup
accounts (unfortunately, I'm flying by the seat of my pants here... :).

If anyone has any idea if this type of thing exists, please let me know

for OS/2's Internet Connection are as simple to set up address-wise as they
are (i.e. you just plug in a few addresses and away you go), there shouldn't
be TOO much more to setting a dialup connection up with Linux.

Of course, I'm probably wrong about this... :)